I am a professional counsellor and life coach with a Masters in Professional Counselling. I do believe that everyone can have a happy and fulfilling life.

Growing up, I was attracted to the multitude of self-help books. I was looking for that one book that will solve all my problems, make me a successful person and fill my life with love and happiness. Unfortunately, I have yet to discover that book. Fast forward to now, I am glad I met an empathic therapist who helped me work through my past baggage and slowly but surely worked towards my goals and my ideals.

Now I would like to contribute back to others with my daily work. I am a warm and supportive person who strongly believes in empowering others to take personal responsibility in making personal changes. Everyone can be happy and have a fulfilling life. My role is to support and facilitate that process. I want to nurture authentic and supportive relationships. Only then can we be honest about our feelings, open to examining our vulnerabilities and ready to take some small steps to change our life.

I am firmly grounded in Choice Theory and practice assimilative integration, focusing my intervention from Choice Theory, Positive Psychology, Jungian Analytical Psychology and expressive arts. I enjoy working in teams and am always looking for exciting opportunities to work with a diverse group of people.

At the core of what I do at Healing Space, I do it with love and laughter. I envision a world where everyone living fulfilling and happy lives, at our own terms. I want to empower others and bring out the best in them to take charge of their life.

Edmund Chong